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Komuso and I did another performance in SL yesterday in our continued “beta-testing” of the collaborative show. Thanks so much to Osprey Therian for creating this very cool machinima of the performance.


I was a guest today on this SLCN talk-show earlier today. The show is online now and you can view it here.

Thanks a lot to Isolde Flamand of Second Arts for the photo – she’s got more shots on her blog.


Great article here for anyone even remotely involved in the music industry:

David Byrne’s Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists – and Megastars


I heard Caetano Veloso‘s version of “Cucurrucucu Paloma” in a 7-eleven last night. It had me pinned to the ceiling speaker until Emily could tell me who the artist was. Beautiful arrangement! Ordered a “best of” today and can’t wait for it to arrive.

And I was introduced Concha Buika by Simon Glickman of Editorial Emergency when he wrote my press release for Chill Dynasty last year. I was haunted by this track, but couldn’t find Buika’s album for sale online. I finally found her album and pre-ordered it here today. “Mi Nina Lola” is the title track off the album. Somehow I can’t get through watching it without getting my heart caught in my throat, no matter how often I watch it – and just when I think the charm has worn off, I’ll leave it for a day to come back to find it still doing it to me. Something’s going on here; I’ve tried to analyze what, but in the end I think it’s simply that voice and that performance. Pure voodoo:



At the suggestion of Second Life blues maestro Komuso Tokugawa, an Australian artist living in Tokyo, I installed the free NINJAM application that allows for realtime jam sessions via the internet. I first installed the stand-alone application, but have found the plug-in version included with the REAPER DAW (another free download) to work much better on my system. I still have some teething problems to resolve (drop-outs and disconnects even on this 8M down 512kbps up ADSL line), but I’m pretty sure the problem is on my end and that the platform works. And even with these problems, it worked well enough for Komuso and I to do a short performance together last night, which he streamed into Second Life live. Komuso played guitar, blues harp and shakuhachi and I was on the windcontroller. In the first track, he was streaming the beat & bass, and in the second the beat & bass came from my side. Here’s what it sounded like:

Read Akihiko Yabu’s review of the performance here. It’s in Japanese, but Google Translate does a semi-OK job of translating it into English.

In the audience was Junivers Stockholm, an SL friend and musician that I’ve jammed with before via Voice in SL. Juni jammed along with our SL stream at his home in Sweden and recorded the result. Unfortunately, his contribution was not audible to Komuso and me, or to the audience in SL. He sent me an mp3 of the recording, however, and I’m presenting it here as a 3 way realtime jam with me in Taiwan, Komuso in Japan, and Juni in Sweden:

Incidentally, the NINJAM software allows for more than two participants – whilst experimenting, I’ve connected to a session with 6 participants, but my drop-out problem seems to become magnified with every additional participant. Whilst my jamming experiment with Juni via Voice in SL proved that it’s definitely a workable option (Juni has much more experience in this area than me), the benefit using NINJAM is that it allows for stereo streams.


Unrelated, but still squarely on the topic of collaborations, I was contacted by Hip Hop artist Keynote of the Drunken Monkiees. He liked my track “Comfort Zone” off Chill Dynasty and decided to add vocals to it. Though I’d never envisioned for the track to have vocals, I thought the result was really pretty cool! Well, Keynote just got back to me with an updated version – for this one, he’s gone into a studio to rerecord the vocals. Have a listen to “Breathe”:


Pangaea Island in Second Life is hosting a Herbie Hancock remix contest in support of his new album, River: The Joni Letters. Thanks to Toko for telling me about it!

I submitted my remix of the track Solitude yesterday and previewed it to the audience at my Mood Lounge show yesterday. The listeners liked it, but whether the judges will like it is another question. You never know with these things ;^) Still, it would be a huge kick if Mr. Hancock heard it himself. I wore grooves in my CD copy of Headhunters, I’m pretty sure.

Here’s a link to listen to my Hermit in the Horde Mix of Solitude


I’ve just added an artist page to iLike – looks pretty cool (thanks to Mark Forman telling me about it). Click the link below to add me as a favorite artist:

In unrelated news, I’ve finished mixing and mastering the first disk of Kou Chou Ching’s new album and I’m currently busy mastering the second disk featuring 17 remixes of their music.

And trying to find time to do something for this Herbie Hancock remix contest ;^)


My friends Anji & Ryan of the band Lovespirals have just released a new album entitled Long Way From Home.

I went over to the listening party in SL earlier today and the album sounds really cool! Very chill and bluesy.

The album is available from their online store and I believe you get an MP3 copy of the remix album featuring my remix of “Long Way From Home” for free when you order the album.

Wishing Lovespirals much success with the new album!


Oh, wow!

I’ve never been much of a singles guy. I like listening to albums start to finish and getting into the world of the artist. So, no track by track review here, just some emotions you may experience when you immerse yourself in Radiohead’s world in In Rainbows – melancholy, euphoria, nostalgia, upliftment, peacefulness, excitement, bliss, anger, enlightenment. What a beautiful rollercoaster this album is. Go along for the trip – you’re in safe hands.

Get it here for as much as you like:


MoShang Asian Variations: Various Artists Remixed CD Contest:
Visit the MoShang CD Contest Entry Page for your chance to win! Two listeners will be chosen at random by me to win a copy of this limited edition CD care of OnsePlate and The Chillcast. Good luck!

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Chillcast #85: MoShang CD Contest!

The Chillcast with Anji Bee

If you don’t win, you can still order your copy of the CD from the Asian Variations download page – at only US$ 3.00 you win either way ;^)