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Herbie Hancock Remix Contest

November 16, 2007

Pangaea Island in Second Life is hosting a Herbie Hancock remix contest in support of his new album, River: The Joni Letters. Thanks to Toko for telling me about it! I submitted my remix of the track Solitude yesterday and previewed it to the audience at my Mood Lounge show yesterday. The listeners liked it, […]

Upstream Downstream (Missing Pages)

July 22, 2007

Following the very successful premiere of Missing Pages in SL, I’m now releasing my track inspired by the film. I’m happy to report that the track was well received and I’m especially pleased that writer/director Jerome Olivier enjoyed it. Here are some notes about the track, Upstream Downstream (Missing Pages): I love the way music […]

Lovespirals – Motherless Child (Long Way From Home Mix)

May 31, 2007

Anji Bee has played a number of my tracks on her various podcasts and did an interview with me after the release of Chill Dynasty. Besides being a prolific podcaster, Anji is also a singer and half of the duo Lovespirals. I’ve just completed a remix of Lovespirals’ version of the blues classic Motherless Child. […]

Doubledown Tandino – Cruisin Round Second Life (Do Re Mix)

April 19, 2007

I mentioned in the previous post that I worked quickly on this track. It is intended for a remix contest DJ Doubledown Tandino (Brad Reason) is hosting in Second Life, and with the deadline a mere two days away I had no choice but to work fast. If you do SL at all, or know […]

Kou Chou Ching – Tiu Tiu Ssu Hsiang Chi (Little DingDong Mix)

April 19, 2007

Apparently some remixes are harder to do than others; or at least take me longer. My last remix for Jui-chuan took upwards of three weeks to complete, as did this one – my second for Kou Chou Ching. Actually, if I’m to include the three weeks I spent on vacation and didn’t work on the […]

Jui-Chuan Chang – The Hope Is Here (Freedom Mix)

February 24, 2007

The Freedom Mix of Jui-chuan Chang’s track The Hope Is Here (off his Genesis album) is finally done. You can have a listen to it in the MoShang Radio player and it will soon be available on the Podsafe Radio Network for podcasters to play. If I spent somewhat longer than usual brooding on this […]

Jui-Chuan Chang – Hey, Kid (Disquiet Mix)

December 6, 2006

I’ve just completed my Disquiet Mix of Jui-Chuan Chang‘s track Hey, Kid. The original is off his 2006 release Joe: Genesis on Adia’s label. If you’re reading this blog on, it’s the first track in the “MoShang Radio” sidebar player.   I don’t consider myself to be a particularly political person. I pretty much […]

Kou Chou Ching – Black Heart (Soft Center Mix)

September 19, 2006

  Not long ago, I met a Taiwanese hip-hop band on MySpace called Kou Chou Ching. Kou graciously bought both my albums and I offered to do a remix for them. Well, I’m right in the middle of a remix for their track Black Heart and I thought I’d share my excitement about it. On […]