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Casting Off

Time for a short break from work on Tafubar’s album. It was a long weekeng in Taiwan for Tomb Sweeping Festival and Em. and I headed off to Sun Moon Lake, about 70km from Taichung.  This morning was just beautiful and we grabbed the chance to record some visuals with the Xacti. The last mix I did for Tafubar was a breakbeat-hybrid, and I was reminded of the fun to be had with breakneck BPM’s. Came back from the lake in the afternoon and wrote the music for “Casting Off”, and jumped to editing it – fun to do a track and video from scratch in one day ;^)

As with “Light of a Firefly” the track is made available under a Creative Commons Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.
This time around, I’m making the music available as a 256kpbs mp3 (zipped) for use in other videos. Grab it from

There’s a higher quality 640/480 WMV (28MB zipped) of this video available at:


One Response to “Casting Off”

  1. […] a little update. Will try to incorporate on more regular basis-hope you like it. Theme music from Jean Marais-Moshang Casting Off. Music featured all from recent SXSW […]

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