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Herbie Hancock Remix Contest

Pangaea Island in Second Life is hosting a Herbie Hancock remix contest in support of his new album, River: The Joni Letters. Thanks to Toko for telling me about it!

I submitted my remix of the track Solitude yesterday and previewed it to the audience at my Mood Lounge show yesterday. The listeners liked it, but whether the judges will like it is another question. You never know with these things ;^) Still, it would be a huge kick if Mr. Hancock heard it himself. I wore grooves in my CD copy of Headhunters, I’m pretty sure.

Here’s a link to listen to my Hermit in the Horde Mix of Solitude


2 Responses to “Herbie Hancock Remix Contest”

  1. i just came back from your greatest gig! it was Yabush who told me about the contest and It was juni’s idea to let you know, i just IMed πŸ™‚ i looove all of your tunes. Thanks for the great music.
    One vote for MoShang! πŸ™‚

  2. Im the owner of Vudyo and am just checking through all the sites that use us and I came across your track and must say I love it. Thanks for using my service and keep up the good work.

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