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It’s official – I suck!

Had a bit of a surprise waiting for me at I read with great interest these comments left in response to my Chinese Chill Mix of Fort Minor’s Remember the Name. I guess they’re from hard-core Fort Minor fans:

Whilst having a good chuckle at the sincerity and vehemence of this outpouring of disgust at my work, I was also reminded that one will never please everyone. Just in case I needed an antidote to getting a big head (or something)…

Actually, I still quite like the track ;^) Why not judge for yourself – the offensive track in question is no.8 on the Asian Variations free remix album.


Thanks so much for the following comments in response:

  • “it’s just a remix. I like it nice variation on the original.” – vinsterdamus
  • this isn’t that bad.” – Bloodsphere
  • I do not think it is bad either! I never heard the original.” – 2Serenity

One Response to “It’s official – I suck!”

  1. Once you listene to moshang’s music you will never live without it. all my friends i took to his gigs love his sounds and became regular audiences (so do i). Original fans of fort minor stuck in their music and i understand that they sometimes don’t want to accept the changes. however I love both fort minor and moshang’s confortable sound jewelles, because I love the mixture of east and west, (well, north and south as well lol) and they both are succesfully doing it. Its a remix, not neccesary to be similar to the original sounds, and i can’t be any happier moshang remixed my favourite fort minor. tokyo

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