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Journal of a sound jeweler.

The Sound Jeweler

My apologies if you’ve been desperately waiting for news from MoShang-land and have been silently cursing me for not updating this blog more often ;^) I’ve been pretty tied up promoting the Asian Variations album and while it’s been fun telling people about a free album download, I really feel ready to start making music again. Being a one man operation means that I have to wear a number of caps and have to switch them regularly – right now I’m wearing the promotion cap and it’s starting to itch just a little. I’ll have to bear the discomfort for another month or so – hopefully I can do enough in that time to get AV up on it’s feet.

I’m very grateful for the help I’m receiving from podcasters and bloggers and will continue to link to them over at the AV-blog. I particularly want to thank Mark Forman again for all his help – most recently for setting up contact with Taiwan Fun Magazine who will be running an article on my music in their September issue. Listen to an interview Mark did with me a couple of weeks before the release of AV.

I received a copy of The Decibel Collective‘s CD release of my music yesterday under the title The Sound Jeweler. The Decibel Collective is the Canadian company who is responsible for the licensing of my music for media use. They’ve done a really nice job with the presentation of the album and they’ve also included the album in their DVD catolgue Creative Elevation. I’ve been lucky to have sold a number of licenses through them in the last two years or so and I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with the DBC.


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