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Increase the Dosage : Immaculate!

I’m cringing at my own naivety and arrogance – when I uploaded my remix album to a week ago, I did so with the thought that I can help raise the bar in terms of what’s available for free on the web. I had no idea exactly how high that bar has already been set by quality releases such as this one.

Virtuoso playing throughout and exceptional production values make this one of my favorite albums in a long time – free or otherwise. Nu-jazz / downtempo electronica done to perfection.

My favorite track: 11. Nebulous Notions.

Congratulations, Revolution Void, and MUCH respect! I’ll stop before I gush and embarrass myself further… ;^)

Revolution Void: Increase the Dosage


One Response to “Increase the Dosage : Immaculate!”

  1. Shame on you for not listening to more of my GALU podcasts. I have played Revolution Void numerous times-they rock. Jamendo has lots of good stuff with RV up close to the top. Now you to can be one of numerous talented virtuosos “cough”… šŸ™‚

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