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Coming up – Missing Pages SL event

Time for a blog-update, though no news is good news in this case. Had a really nice performance at Oyster Bay in SL today. Proprietor, Morris Vig, has created a really cool performance space amidst some very interesting SL sculptures. My thanks to Morris for hosting me and to Isolde Flamand for arranging the performance.

I happily sold my first album downloads via my new in-world vendor at the gig. Glad to know that the system is working! My albums remain available from numerous other online outlets (including iTunes), but it’s great to have the albums for sale within SL and in Linden Dollars – incidentally, the downloads are also slightly cheaper than elsewhere. At the moment, only the full album downloads are available in-world.

I’m working on a track inspired by Missing Pages for the SL premiere of this ground breaking photo-animated sci-fi thriller on the 19th. The innovative short has won numerous awards and writer/director Jerome Olivier will be in SL to talk about the film. I’m really looking forward to this one!


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