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Live @ Mood Lounge (SL)

I’ll be performing live at the Mood Lounge in Second Life this coming Saturday (June 23rd) at 12pm PDT. Nice location for chilling – the Asian setting suits my music perfectly. See you there!


That went rather nicely – nice to see some regular faces in addition to new ones. I’m speaking to owner, Joy Ash, about doing a regular performance at the Mood Lounge. It really is a prefect setting for my music.

It was also so the first performance on my upgraded PC. I got my motherboard back from Gigabyte on Friday, but after reinstalling it the PC would still not boot. I now suspected that the CPU had somehow given up the ghost. In order to save the show (really did not want to cancel another show due to a technical issue!), I upgraded the machine to the following spec on Saturday morning:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo: E6420

Motherboard: Asus P5B-E

Ram: 2GB DDR 667

I’m using the case, power supply, harddrives and graphics card (GeForce E6600) from the old machine. I know there are faster setups out there and Quad Core CPUs will soon become modestly priced, but the difference between this and my old 3GHz P4 setup is huge. And importantly, Second Life has yet to crash once on this machine with quality setting set to their highest. I’m VERY pleased!


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