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Live @ Coke Pavilion (SL)

 I’ll be doing a two hour show at the Coke Pavilion in SL as part of the Virtual Thirst concert series from 5-7 PM (PDT),  tomorrow May 15th. Blowing for two hours straight would leave me a bit winded, so I’ll preview the upcoming Asian Variations album in the first hour and do my set in the second. Come on over for the first public airing of my latest remix: André van Rensburg You And Me (Under The Speaker Tree Mix).


2 Responses to “Live @ Coke Pavilion (SL)”

  1. Can’t wait to hear you tonight!

  2. The show went pretty well, though SL crashed about once per song…! Now, SL is not known for it’s rock-solid code, but this is just ridiculous. Man, I wish I knew what the problem is with SL on this machine – my machine is a pretty normal and meets minimum specs in every respect. Could the drivers for the M-Audio Audiophile USB be causing my problems…?

    Here’s some feedback on the performance:

    Thanks C.C and Chill!

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