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T.K. Rock 2007

Em. and I made a day last Sunday of attending the T.K. Rock Festival here in Taichung. This 2 day festival showcases some of the best of Taiwan’s rock and hiphop acts on five stages. The T.K. of the title refers to the term “TaiKe” – it used to be a derogatory term for Taiwanese locals, but it has since been rehabilitated and is now used with pride to mean the same.

Jui-Chuan Chang performed on Saturday, but unfortunately I couldn’t attend – maybe just as well, since we had the first heavy rain of the year on Saturday and it poured for most of the afternoon and evening. According to friends who did go on Saturday, the rain did little to dampen spirits though – apparently A-Mei, who headlined Saturday’s proceedings, was amazing.

On Sunday, though, I managed to catch Kou Chou Ching. They did my remix version of Tiu Tiu Ssu Hsiang Chi – how cool to see it performed live and on a kick-ass sound system to boot. My favorite performers of the evening were F.I.R. and Wu Bai. I saw Wu Bai for the first time at last year’s TK Rock – to my mind, he more than deserves his title as Taiwan’s Emperor of Rock. He’s a Class A showman with some awesome tunes!

Here’s a vid. of Kou Chou Ching performing my remix:


One Response to “T.K. Rock 2007”

  1. Howzit. I was listening to your CD which I bought from some art exhibition you were promoting it at a few years ago and I thought I’d see if you’re still making music. Seems you are. Nice!

    I thought I was the only white guy who attended TK Rock. Well, DID, I should say. In 2006 I swear I was the only non 台客 (can’t remember the characters…) there. I’m back in SA now 😦 so no more TK Rock for me. Anyways, enjoy life over there.

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