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Doubledown Tandino – Cruisin Round Second Life (Do Re Mix)

I mentioned in the previous post that I worked quickly on this track. It is intended for a remix contest DJ Doubledown Tandino (Brad Reason) is hosting in Second Life, and with the deadline a mere two days away I had no choice but to work fast. If you do SL at all, or know anyone who does, please head on over to Menorca this coming Sunday (April 22nd) at 12pm PDT to vote for my Do Re Mix.

Your help is sorely needed, since the time of the voting party translates to 4am on Monday morning here in Taiwan – I guess I shouldn’t count on too much support from the home crowd ;^)

Whatever the outcome of the contest, I’ve had fun doing the track and have more material for a full-length MoShang remix album due out in a couple of months and tentatively entitled Asian Variations… more info to follow.

Have a listen to the Do Re Mix in the MoShang Radio sidebar player (now Track 1).


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