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Back in Taiwan

What a difference three weeks make ;^) Back in Taiwan after visiting family and friends in South Africa. Is it just me or is it becoming a rather expensive country – either way, I’m rested and inspired!

I’m working hard on a second remix for Kou Chou Ching and I hope to include it on a remix album I’m planning to release in a couple of months.

I’ve updated the discography section at to give a slightly more rounded picture of my musical activities over the years. Oh yeah, and I’ve just created a MOG page…

To my friends performing at this weekend’s Spring Scream Festival, break legs!


One Response to “Back in Taiwan”

  1. Welcome back, man! I went to Spring Scream two weeks ago after six years of absence. It’s become so different now. So has that little seashore town I remember. Honestly, I like the old Spring Scream. The good old days.

    Thanks again for the two remixes. I do the remix versions in most of my gigs now. They simply rock. One love.

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