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Archive for April 2007

Live @ Urbane (SL)

April 22, 2007

So, that would be next weekend and I’m on from 12am to 1am (PDT) on Sunday morning. Here’s the SLURL for URBANE. Advertisements

Doubledown Tandino – Cruisin Round Second Life (Do Re Mix)

April 19, 2007

I mentioned in the previous post that I worked quickly on this track. It is intended for a remix contest DJ Doubledown Tandino (Brad Reason) is hosting in Second Life, and with the deadline a mere two days away I had no choice but to work fast. If you do SL at all, or know […]

Kou Chou Ching – Tiu Tiu Ssu Hsiang Chi (Little DingDong Mix)

April 19, 2007

Apparently some remixes are harder to do than others; or at least take me longer. My last remix for Jui-chuan took upwards of three weeks to complete, as did this one – my second for Kou Chou Ching. Actually, if I’m to include the three weeks I spent on vacation and didn’t work on the […]

Live in Second Life

April 8, 2007

Thanks to Max and Evo for inviting me again – here’s the SLURL for Evolving Images Amphitheater.


April 7, 2007

In addition to other digital music outlets, all the tracks from Chill Dynasty and Made In Taiwan are now also available from SNOCAP (most prominently on my MySpace page).

Back in Taiwan

April 3, 2007

What a difference three weeks make ;^) Back in Taiwan after visiting family and friends in South Africa. Is it just me or is it becoming a rather expensive country – either way, I’m rested and inspired! I’m working hard on a second remix for Kou Chou Ching and I hope to include it on […]