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Live in Taichung

I’ve updated the “photos”-section with pics from yesterdays two gigs in Taichung (Fongyuen and ChungYo). ChungYo is my favorite department store, so I got a real kick out of performing there. Thanks to all my friends who came to the gigs yesterday: Mark and Kevin, Patrick (again!), Marlize, Echo, XiaoKe and Zoey (Gold FM).


One Response to “Live in Taichung”

  1. It’s always happy and great to know new friends. Especially a nice ones (oops, I mean two of you). Of course I enjoy the trip of music (that’s what I called it), and it makes me more like a big fan lol. I am looking forward to the next performance in Taichung again. I will be there if there is no any troble. And the most important thing is I am gonna try to take a video for you, Moshang, and I hope it works.

    Anyway, Join us, dude, with the great and fantastic music performance. See you there, guys 🙂

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