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Eslite highs and Broadband lows

(L to R, Emily, me and Big Bear)

I did the first two of 8 Eslite performances in Taipei last weekend. Em. and I were really stressed out about these earlier, since she has to communicate on my behalf and her knowledge of technical sound requirements rivals my knowledge of Mandarin (ie. not too darn good!). We left without knowing quite what to expect. We were put right at ease by the warm welcome we received at Eslite, Sanchong on Saturday, though. What a pleasure to arrive 2 hours early to find Chill Dynasty playing on the in-store sound system. Store manager, Big Bear, and his staff really went to trouble to assist us in every way. My thanks also to Melissa who introduced me in Chinese. My second performance on Sunday in Ximen also went rather smoothly, thanks to the efforts of Miss Lin and the Chinese introduction by AnChen. Nice to see some familiar faces – Andre and Lolita, and Patrick (MySpace friend, Wei DeWen). With the first performances completed successfully, I’m really looking forward to the coming shows – next are two in my hometown of Taichung. There are some pictures of the Taipei performances here.

My broadband woes continue, however. I’ve not been able to perform live in Second Life since a strong earthquake we experienced here on Boxing Day damaged a number of undersea fiber-optic cables off the coast of Taiwan. These should have been repaired by now, but apparently bad weather has been delaying things… To be honest though, I don’t even want to know what’s involved in repairing cables at a depth of 4000 meters. And since real life is pretty exciting right now, I’m waiting patiently.

I did an interview with GOLD FM in Taichung yesterday. Thanks to the efforts of Silent Agreement, interest in my music is really starting to pick up. Our friend, Echo, phoned excitedly on Wednesday to tell us that a famous DJ was playing a track from Chill Dynasty on a national radio station and that he had good things to say about it.


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