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Virtually Live: SL gigs in December/January


News of some performances in Second Life in December and January – the first being this coming weekend. As I expected, SL is proving to be really addictive (and time consuming!) – as long as I use my time “there” constructively (i.e. playing gigs), I guess it’s OK. Though the temptation is always there just to go fiddle in SL.

Back in the real world, I saw a live performance of Kou Chou Ching together with Jui-Chuan Chang last weekend – their first joint performance. It was drizzly and cool night in Taichung and I guess the performers would have appreciated a larger crowd. Did get the impression though that there’s a real hip-hop scene here. I imagine it growing and Kou Chou Ching and Jui-Chuan rising to the top in it. They’re really nice guys and it would be great to see their boundless enthusiasm and passion for what they’re doing rewarded.


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