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Live performance in Second Life

(image L to R: Feri Beckenbauer, snowman, MoShang Zhao, Chill Moksung)

I’ll be doing a live virtual performance in Second Life this coming weekend for Second Life Notes; read all about it here. I’ll basically be doing my current live set, so if you do SL, please come along…


2 Responses to “Live performance in Second Life”

  1. That went down really well – small crowd, but they were into it. Weird though – doing it at home, but it feels like a real gig. The excitement is real anyhow… Thanks, Chill! More to come…

  2. Speaking on behalf of Chill-u rocked dude. The snowball is always small atop the hill but gets bigger and picks up velocity on the way down. The few that heard u are all big music fans and know a lot of other cool people there too.BTW-Even he big shows in SL are not big numbers-over 50 is massive biggest one I was at was 65.

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