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Chill Dynasty – Review

It’s turned out to be a great week for reviews. This one from’s Jennifer Layton – quote:

Chill Dynasty is a multi-layered, mystical, playful collection of pieces that are quietly stated yet astonishing in their complexity.”

Read the full review here. Thanks so much for giving Sonja a kind mention too, Jennifer. I’m smiling from ear to ear!


5 Responses to “Chill Dynasty – Review”

  1. Dude-wOOt! Right on!

  2. Hello MoShang:

    I am a fan of Jui-chuan Chang and I come to this blog from his website. Your music is great, and I love it. I will try to buy it online soon. But I have a small question for you, and I hope you can do me – and many Taiwanese people – a favor.

    I read the Indie Music review by Jennifer Layton and love the piece. However, I notice that, on top of the review, the “home” of the artist is “Taiwan, China.” For many people, it seems to say that Taiwan is a region of China. You know that’s not true, right? Taiwan and China are run by two entirely different governments.

    So I email Jennifer Layton about the question. She replies and says that she simply takes that down from your mailing address. As long as you email her to change it, she will be happy to do it.

    I like what you say about the Taiwan-China situation: “We live in a baby democracy just a piddle in the pond away from a communist giant that is pretty unambiguous about its intentions of swallowing Taiwan whole.” The Chinese government has been trying every way to tell people that Taiwan is part of China, and they are successful in many ways. But when one day everyone in the world really believes that Taiwan is part of China, China won’t have to “swallow” Taiwan anymore because it has already become theirs.

    Many Taiwanese people are trying to tell the world that Taiwan is not part of China, and I hope you can help us protect the precious democracy you and I are enjoying right here right now. I can understand if you choose not to help. It’s okay. I would apologize for my rudeness. I also email Jui-chuan Chang for help on this but he says I should talk to you. I am sorry for bothering you like this. Thank you very much.

    Sincerely yours,

  3. Hey there, Michelle!

    Thanks you for the kind words. Regarding the address issue: as you can see in the about section on, I only ever write my address as “Taiwan” – never “Taiwan, China”. I’m not saying Jennifer has got it wrong, though. I guess what happened is that I had to select my country location from a drop-down list when I applied to have the album reviewed. Often, drop-down lists only have the option of “Taiwan, China” or worse “Taiwan, Province of China”.

    I’ll mail Jennifer about this.

  4. Hi MoShang,

    I didn’t know about the drop-down country list! That is so unfair! But thank you for being willing to do me this favor. It means a lot to many of us Taiwanese people.

    Thank you so much!

    Sincerely yours,

  5. Jennifer has kindly replaced “Taiwan, China” with “Taiwan” in the review. Thanks you so much, Jennifer! Now we just have to convince the Chinese… ;^)

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