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Chill Dynasty – Review

November 30, 2006

Christina Warner just wrote a really nice review of Chill Dynasty for Here’s an extract: “This album is a daring pursuit for any compilation let alone any individual artist but luckily MoShang manages to explore mainly unchartered territory and has found something unique and fresh. With its layered beats over traditional oriental musical instruments […]

DV8 – Gig Report

November 29, 2006

  Emily and I made the trip through to Taipei last Saturday for the gig at DV8 – damn, I should have listened to the GPS when it told me to get off the highway (twice!). Instead, we got stuck in Taipei’s notorious traffic and arrived at the venue much later than anticipated; stressed way […]

All Noted 3 – Out Of Africa

November 21, 2006

Mark and I decided to do the third installment of the All Noted Podcast (Out Of Africa) on South African music. Not much more one can do in an hour other than give a small sampling, and of course, I was more inclined to play music by friends. I’m by no means an expert on […]

On the Discovery Channel

November 11, 2006

A bunch of my tracks from Chill Dynasty and Made in Taiwan are being used in a HD Discovery Channel series entitled Fantastic Festivals of the World currently airing in the US on Discovery’s HD Theatre. The two episodes featuring my music are 1. The Mid Autumn Lantern Festival – Hong Kong and 16. Lunar […]

Live @ DV8 (Taipei – November 25th)

November 1, 2006

    Really looking forward to this one – a live gig with Viba (Electronica / Down-tempo / Experimental) and KusoJ/NullBomb (Experimental / Electronica / Grindcore) at DV8 (Taipei) on November 25th. Good thing I’ve been brushing up on the set… Please head on out if you’re in the vicinity! I recently made an arrangement […]