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Erik Truffaz – Taichung Jazz Festival

I was introduced to the music of Eric Truffaz whilst doing a mindless data capturing job back in South Africa drawing roads onto satellite images for GPS systems. Yawn. The single perk of the job was that you could listen to music whilst doing it; I had Bending New Corners on endless repeat…

Fast forward four years and Truffaz is playing a free gig in my new hometown at the annual Taichung Jazz Festival. I arrived tired and slightly out of it and was holding thumbs the live experience would live up to all I was hoping for. I need not have worried though, the band was awesome. At times shivers of pleasure good. Wish more people would have danced, though…

If you read French (or have a link to Babelfish handy) you can read Truffaz’ Diary entry about his visit to Taiwan. Nothing about the the gig I saw though.


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