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Chillcast Special Feature: MoShang

Anji Bee of the band Lovespirals hosts a really cool chillout podcast, entitled The Chillcast. When Anji recently contacted me regarding an interview, I was of course flattered and only too happy to accept the invitation to talk about my music. The Chillcast Special Feature: MoShang was released yesterday and kudos to Anji for doing a really professional job with it. Anji plays a whole bunch of tracks from Chill Dynasty and Made in Taiwan – since it’s an interview, I blab over most of it, though. My thanks again to Anji – this kind of exposure on the web is really invaluable to us independents.

The interview also coincides really nicely with the release of Chill Dynasty on iTunes. I was impatiently waiting for it to become available, but to be fair, iTunes must be receiving a huge amount of new material daily and some delay is understandable – definitely acceptable in this case. I mentioned CD Baby’s delivery of the album to iTunes in an earlier post, if you’re interested in how long it took…

Of course, the album remains available in CD and digital download format from The Chill Shop.


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  1. […] Bee has played a number of my tracks on her various podcasts and did an interview with me after the release of Chill Dynasty. Besides being a prolific podcaster, Anji is also a […]

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