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All Noted 2 – Gone in 30 Seconds Flat

The G5

Ahhhh, back from a glorious 5 day break in which I tried to balance doing nothing (as befits a holiday) with catching up on behind schedule commitments and barbecuing. Moon Festival is the one time in the year when everyone in Taiwan barbecues – it’s fall and the weather is delightful; warm but not too hot.

I got together with Mark Forman on Monday to record our second All Noted podcast – Gone in 30 Seconds Flat. We played some world hiphop and I had a good excuse to include the new Kou Chou Ching remix, as well as a Duusman track. I described the Duusman track as an “angry young man” song; turns out we played “Maak Jou Oë Toe” and not “Op Die Eerste Van Die Maand” – I’m decidedly not angry on the former! Both these tracks received quite a bit of exposure on South African TV and, according to my former Duusman band mates, still get aired occasionally. On the shoot for “Op Die Eerste…” the director had the band running around a disused prison block and we managed to get ourselves locked into a pitch black cell…

Mark has the complete track list and links over at Just thought I’d add the download link for the complete Sichtbeton LP.

In my effort to squeeze as much fun as possible out of my short break, I visited the Janfusun Fancy World (!!!) theme park on Sunday (they claim to have the tallest Ferris wheel in Asia) and broke the ice with the G5 (pictured up top); it’s an eviscerating sheer drop from there – probably all over in less than 30 seconds, but terrifying while it lasts. I recorded the sound of this monster and thought how the noise of coasters clanking up the initial incline is probably specifically engineered to instill fear…


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