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Silent Agreement

It’s early days yet, but it seems as if I have found distribution for Chill Dynasty in Taiwan through the label Silent Agreement. This is quite a milestone for me – I’m very excited at the prospect of having my music available in some of the largest music outlets on the island. I feel as if I’ve been held back quite a bit by my terrible Chinese (it’s coming along, but sooooo slowly!). Luckily the folks at Silent Agreement speak good English…

Now it’s full steam ahead working on the live set. I want to be out and performing before the end of October. I’ll definitely keep some of my earlier set, but I obviously want to include more music off Chill Dynasty.

My remix for Kou Chou Ching is done – if you’re reading this blog at, you can listen to the Black Heart Soft Center Mix in the sidebar player, “MoShang Radio”.


3 Responses to “Silent Agreement”

  1. Congratulations!!
    It’s a good label!!

    Thanks your remix again & push our music here!!

  2. Thanks, Fan Chiang! I’m very excited to see where this leads.

    And of course I’m very happy that you like the remix – hopefully we’ll do it again in future.

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