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On Pandora

They got the capitalization wrong, but Moshang [sic] is now on Pandora. For those not in the loop, Pandora is a flash-based music player that suggests new music to listeners based on what they like to listen to. Quite clever really – they have a bunch of music experts listen to a track to discover it’s musical genome and then the system can recommend tracks with a similar genome. You refine your personal radio station by rating tracks with a thumbs-up or -down. There’s a lot more on Wikipedia if you’re interested.

What it means for me is that someone somewhere might stumble across some tracks from Chill Dynasty on Pandora, and find they like it… That’s the theory anyway.

Of course I was interested to see how my music would be classified objectively. For the track Smoke, Pandora returned the following: “Based on what you’ve told us so far, we’re playing this track because it features electronica roots, downtempo influences, acoustic drum samples, use of electric pianos and subtle use of electric keys.” Elsewhere it included “tonal harmonies and thin ambient textures”. So, there I have it… MoShang broken down into its musical genes.

In other news, CD Baby delivered Chill Dynasty to iTunes this week and it should become available there in the following days (weeks, months…). Made In Taiwan has seen a bit of downloading on iTunes and it will be nice to have Chill Dynasty available there too. And there’s a link from Pandora just waiting for the album to become available.


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  1. […] The interview also coincides really nicely with the release of Chill Dynasty on iTunes. I was impatiently waiting for it to become available, but to be fair, iTunes must be receiving a huge amount of new material daily and some delay is understandable – definitely acceptable in this case. I mentioned CD Baby’s delivery of the album to iTunes in an earlier post, if you’re interested in how long it took… […]

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