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I’m a Knob Twiddler

In preparation for the podcast I’ll be guest hosting with Mark Forman on the weekend, I thought I’d check up on the artists I’ve done remixes for in the past – the idea is that I’ll be playing these remixes on the show, and give some current info about the artists.


Skyd of Pure-H got back to me and included a review by J-Sin over at of his Fabriksampler / Vol.1, which included my track Sun Gong Moon Song from Made In Taiwan. The review included the line: “Mo Shang is the Taiwanese sonic knob twiddler whose music I’ve heard before, and whom I’ve come to like quite a bit.” Hehehe, he said “knob twiddler”… Actually, I won’t hold it against J-Sin, since he wrote quite a nice review of Chill Dynasty which I’m very grateful for.

Things are as they should be and I’m currently twiddling knobs on a downtempo bossa track, tentatively entitled Roots. Here’s a taster.
Let’s see if I can stick to my new production schedule of a new track every two weeks – down from a track a week; life got in the way.


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