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Photo section

I’ve just created a photo section at – if you are reading this blog at, click on the photo link on the left. If you’re reading this elsewhere, here’s the link: pics

I was invited to play with the Rhythm Clowns at last year’s Taichung Jazz Festival – rather out of the blue and unprepared, but it went over rather nicely. To put you in the picture, the Taichung city government sponsors a yearly jazz event in the People’s Park – delicious autumn weather (still hot in Taiwan!), cool beer, and great music on 3 or 4 free stages… Though I’ll probably not be playing again, I’m really looking forward to this years festival as you’ve probably gathered. This time I’ll get a schedule, so I won’t miss out on some international greats like I did last year.

More gig pics to come…


2 Responses to “Photo section”

  1. Hey Jean-
    Believe it or not I haven’t attended one event yet in these recent Jazz festivals. Definitely need to change that. Nice pics

  2. Definitely, bbluesman! Since you can read Chinese you may have more luck than me finding a schedule for the festival.

    Looking forward to our podcast next Saturday!

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